Anime Mania Codes June 2021

Hey friends if you are looking for new Anime Mania Codes March 2021 then be with us till end i will share with list of all working codes which help you to buy new anime character and make your game op.

anime mania codes
anime mania codes

About Anime Mania Roblox Games

Roblox Anime Mania is a co-op game where you team up with your friends and fight against various waves of enemies in different game modes such as Tower Defense. Each player has his own unique character and progressing in the game allows you to unlock new abilities and cosmetic items for your character. One of the easiest ways to get your desired character upgrades is to redeem codes.

List Anime Mania Codes

  • IFOLLOWEDYOU – 50 Gems (NEW)
  • FIXITROBLOX – 400 Gems
  • STRESSTEST – 350 Gems

Games Control

PC Controls:
Left Click: Basic Attack
Right Click: Heavy Attack
1,2,3,4- Character Skills
Jump + Left Click: Up Combo
Left Click In air: Air finish or simply use a move.

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