14 Best Muck Game Seeds – Update 4

Hey Muck players if you are looking for Best Muck Game Seed then your search end here today i will share with you list of 10 Seed which improve your gaming experience

Did you know there’s even a seed that spawns you right next to the strongest weapon in Muck?

best muck seed
best muck seed

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List Of Best Muck Seed

  • 221294511 – Spawns you near a cave that has the Night Blade weapon in a green chest inside. You’ll also have the shipwreck added in Update 3 behind you
  • update3 – This is a decent overall start since it spawns you in the center of the map with almost every resource nearby.
  • -1038521939 – This is a neat start since it has a cave near the spawn with a Hammer Shaft item inside. Make sure to loot both chests to get it.
  • sussy – This seed has multiple free black chests nearby for quick buffs/powerups. There’s also a Pitman Hut across the water near spawn that has useful items. These include a Steel Pickaxe, Steel Boots, food, and 65 Coins. And, you can take advantage of the Pitman Hut Furance for early smelting.
  • 1465506453 – This start has a couple of Jack Huts nearby but it’s nothing quite game-changing.
  • slythergames – This is a seed I typed in for fun and found a cave near spawn with a Golden Pickaxe inside. That can definitely give you an early game advantage on getting higher tier ore.
  • stinky – I saw some people referencing this seed, but it only has a cave near spawn with some coins and resources. There’s nothing too major here.
  • comeone – This seed comes from commenter Ramoncuf7. Players spawn next to the shipwreck where a Pitman Hut has a Gold Pickaxe inside.
  • 1351518951 -This seed comes from commenter PhoenixMC. Similar to our Night Blade seed, you can find it inside a cave with this one too. First, you’ll want to loot a nearby hut for a Mithril Axe and Boat Map. Then, head straight to the shipwreck where you’ll run into a cave that has both a Night Blade and Gold Pickaxe.
  • wtf jeremy you motherfu- – This silly seed comes from Snakicus123 where you can get an early Gold Axe from a wagon
  • -356525204 – This one comes from Raizel. You spawn near a green gem Guardian statue, several battle totems, a wagon, and a cave nearby with Gronk’s Blade. Also, there’s a hut not too far from the cave.
  • drugs – This one comes from TheRektGuy in the comments. Players spawn near a cave with the Night Blade weapon, a wagon with some basic materials, and a Chef’s Hut in the distance.
  • susamongusimposter – This seed comes from joe in the comments, but it doesn’t have anything crazy going on. The world starts out flat so you can see relatively far. There’s a hut and two wagons near the spawn, but not a whole lot inside the
  • -107199567 – This seed from kazuro in the comments spawns you near a cave with the Night Blade and a Gold Pickaxe. I haven’t verified this one personally yet.

That’s all for today we will update more seeds so bookmark this page and keep checking regularly.

Best MUCK Seeds for Loot

Here are some MUCK seeds with some helpful features close to your starting point:

How to enter a seed in MUCK
How to enter a seed in MUCK
  • poopoo: Starts near a shed containing a Mythril Axe, Steel Sword, and Steel Pick.
  • 689132638: Spawn next to two huts, one of which contains a Mythril Sword.
  • 69420: Spawn near two Chef’s Huts, two chest-loaded carts nearby.
  • BigChunk: Chock full of resources, including trees, rock, iron, mythril, and adamantite.
  • banana: Start near a hut with a Steel Pick and boots.
  • Daniisking: Start near a hut with some helpful early-game tools.

How To Enter A Seed In MUCK

Now you have all seeds , But if you still don’t know how you can enter seed in muck game then follow below step by step guide.

Step 1 – Click On “Host Lobby” on the main menu to bring up the new world menu

Step 2 – In the bottom section of the Settings box on the right, you’ll see a window where you can manually enter a seed

Step 3 – Type in the seed you want and click the start button.

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