Discovering the pyramid

Hey , Gamers If you are Looking for List Of Discovering the pyramid then this is best place for you , Here we will share with you list of all working and expired codes which help you to boost your ROBLOX game perforce without wasting your much time.

Unlocking the Egyptian Head

  • Frog
  • Bird
  • Brain
  • Fish
  • Spider

Ra potion

Know you have list of all working and expired codes, But if you still know how you can redeem these codes into game to get their profit .

Then dont worry just follow our below step by step guide it will help you :-

To skip over the obby, we’d recommend using the Infinite potion (Fairy + Frog) to jump across it, however if you prefer an extra challenge, it isn’t too hard to maneuver without any potion help. Once you’ve crossed the pool, you will have direct access to the Egyptian Head puzzle.

Game Description

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