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Emily In Paris Cast Everything About Actors

Emily In Paris

Emily in paris is american comedy drama tv series and story begin with a girl (series star) Lily Collins as the titular character, Girl name emily live in america and she moved to parris to get a better job opportunity and a good life

But due to different work culture and people she face difficulties and she clash with boring.

Emily In Paris Trailer

Emily In Paris Cast

Lily Collins as Emily Cooper

Collins is known for Mirror, Mirror; Love, Rosie; and To the Bone—and, of course, for her famous parents, musician Phil Collins and actress Jill Tavelman.

Lucas Bravo as Gabriel

He Played role of bravo in this series and he is chef and downstair neighbor of emily. Lucas done several movies like Caprice and Beautiful injuries.

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu as Sylvie

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu plays Sylvie, Emily’s tough-as-nails boss. The actress has been working since the early ’80s and is known for French titles like Three Men And A Cradle and Natalia.

Kate Walsh as Madeline

Shondaland fans will have no trouble identifying Kate Walsh. The Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice star plays Madeline, Emily’s American mentor. Walsh is also known for her roles in The Drew Carey ShowUmbrella Academy, and 13 Reasons Why.

Ashley Park as Mindy Chen

In the show, Ashley Park plays Mindy Chen, Emily’s Parisian BFF and city guide. The Grammy- and Tony-nominated actress is mainly known for her work on Broadway, from playing Gretchen Wieners in the musical Mean Girls to starring in Sunday in the Park With George and The King and I.

Camille Razat as Camille

French actress and model Camille Razat stars in the Netflix show as Emily’s sweet friend, Camille. Razat has previously starred as Lea Morel in the French mini-series The Disappearance and as Lise in the French/Belgian horror film Girls with Balls.

William Abadie as Antoine

William Abadie’s acting credits include some of the most iconic TV shows of all time, from Sex and the City to ER to Ugly Betty to The O.C. to Homeland to even Gossip Girl. The French A-lister, who plays one of the flirtatious clients at Emily’s marketing firm, has also worked in film, appearing in titles like Resident Evil and The Pink Panther.

Samuel Arnold as Julien

Who doesn’t love a good work frenemy? Samuel Arnold stars as Julien, Emily’s coworker who (usually) does his best at showing the her the ropes at their marketing firm. This is the French actor’s first big show, having only appeared previously in a few made-for-TV-movies and theater productions.

Bruno Gouery as Luc

Bruno Gouery plays Luc, another one of Emily’s sometimes friendly, sometimes savage, coworkers. Gouery is a French actor and writer known for several French series, including Doc MartinPresident Alphonse, and Super Jimmy.

Jean-Christophe Bouvet as Pierre Cadault

You might recognize Jean-Christophe Bouvet—who plays fashion designer Pierre Cadault in the Netflix series—from his role in 2006’s Marie Antoinette. The actor’s also been in several French works including 1977’s La machine.

Charles Martins is no stranger to the Darren Star universe. The actor previously had an uncredited role in Star’s  and the City, as well as a recurring part in the TV series Versailles. In Emily in Paris, he stars as Mathieu Cadault, a buzzed-about bachelor who is heir to a fashion empire.