Fortnite Capture the Flag Codes

Fortnite Capture the Flag Codes August 2021

Capture the Flag is a well-known type of game, both in person and in games. It almost always shows up in games that allow modification, and it’s always fun! The principle is simple: steal the flag from the enemy base, bring it back and don’t get caught! Once converted to shooting games, an extra level of difficulty is added to this famous classic team fight because you can be KO’d from a distance!

Fortnite is no exception. Luckily, we’re familiar with Fortnite’s Creative Mode and have put together a great list of Capture the Flag maps to explore with your friends.

Fortnite Capture the Flag Maps List

Capture the Flag – Pirate Edition

Capture the Flag Pirate Edition
Capture the Flag Pirate Edition

Capture the Llama

Blood Gulch

Blood Gulch
Blood Gulch

FN-Bombers Capture the Flag Extreme

The Passage: Reverse Capture the Flag

Fire Vs Ice – Capture the Flag

Two Castles – Capture the Flag

Greenhouse Capture the Flag!

Wizard’s Wonderland Capture the Flag

Devastation Capture the Flag

How to Use a Creative Code

Once you load up the game, you will be given the three options on what you want to play (Save the World, Battle Royale, and Creative). Click the creative option and then click PLAY and then CREATE (don’t start a server if you want to play solo).

Once it has loaded, you will see an Orange Rift that will take you to islands to create custom maps. We don’t want this right now, so look around for the featured portals. Fortnite now puts you in a custom portal area, so you might need to seek it out a bit. Find the portals with the console in front of them and interact with one.

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