Pokemon Masters Tier List August 2022 Updated

Like many other popular mobile games at the time, Pokémon Masters has dozens of units for players to collect. with some significantly better than others. This is why a Pokémon Masters level list is extremely useful.

The values of weakness and resistance can sometimes make it difficult to identify the best, as each unit is better or worse depending on the battles ahead.

Pokemon Masters Tier List
Pokemon Masters Tier List


Pokemon Masters S Tier List
Pokemon Masters S Tier List
Sync PairTypeExplanation
Player – TorchicSupportWe’re starting with the default combo of you and Torchic. This is a powerful duo that can support a variety of team setups by increasing their attack, special attack and critical rate stats.
Skyla – SwannaSupportAnother powerhouse support, but this one focuses on defensive and tanking buffs. Master Healer is a must-have on your team if you want to last long in tougher battles.
Steven – Mega MetagrossPhysical StrikeWhy wouldn’t you put the pair with the highest attack stat in the game on top? If you want devastating damage to deal with your opponents, this pair has got you covered. On top of that, it has good healing and decent MP refresh, which are good bonuses.
Sygna Suit Red – Mega Charizard XSpecial Attack StrikeCharizard is Metagross’s equivalent for the special attack striker’s group. It has the quickest path to Mega Evolution and impressive all-around stats. When you have this pair in your squad, you’re pretty much covered in the attacking area of the battle, and then some.
Sygna Suit Elsa – RotomSupportThis pair is your best bet when you want to support special attackers like Charizard. What makes this Rotom duo top-tier, however, is the bonus of survivability through evasion bonuses, and the ability to reduce the sync move cooldown.
Sygna Suit Leaf – Mega VenusaurTechThis pair has amazing support potential because of massive healing for a tank. It has excellent utility and debuffs that easily skew any battle in your favor. A classic all-rounder, this duo should have a permanent spot in your roster throughout the game.
Serena – DelphoxTechThis pair’s calling card is their incredible potential for damage as well as the best way to spread status effects to the opponent. Go Viral provides an excellent utility that is effective against any party composition.
Cynthia – Mega GarchompPhysical StrikeThis pair could end up in A-tier because it requires the Acerola – Palossand pair as well to unleash its true potential. However, it’s in S-tier right now because of that potential. While in sandy terrain, Earthquake can deal more than double the damage. If you factor in Garchomp’s incredible attack stats into this, you’ll see that you have an AoE killing machine that can deal with multiple foes at once.


Sync PairTypeExplanation
Brendan – SceptilePhysical StrikeThis pair’s self-sufficient nature has earned it a high place on this list. Sceptile can deal massive damage with a few turns of set up. While this burst damage is effective in shorter battles, it doesn’t do well when the match drags on. This is the only thing that prevents the duo from being in S-tier.
Steven – Alolan SandslashPhysical StrikeThis pair makes effective use of the weather system to buff the pokemon’s attacks. Hail and Invigorating Hail are among the best in the game, and Alolan Sandslash uses these to maximum effect. It won’t blow you away in terms of outrageous damage, but the consistent damage over time and normal strikes more than make up for this.
Olivia – Midnight LycanrocPhysical StrikeLycanroc is a well-balanced pokemon. Its strong attacks have poor accuracy but can instantly be buffed during the match. Lycanroc is best utilized by upping its critical hit rate. Every critical hit triggers a speed boost; so, in longer fights, this pair has a big advantage.
Sabrina – AlakazamSupportThis pair focuses on offensive support by boosting special attack and critical hit rate of the special attack strikers. Alakazam has the bonus of healing and damage mitigation through Reflect so he is considered a must-have for most team compositions.
Lyra – MeganiumSupportAnother perfect pair for weather utilization, Lyra & Meganium fully bring out a team’s potential with stat boosts across the board. This pairing also boasts excellent tank capabilities with decent healing and defensive stats.
Rosa – DelibirdSupportThis pair shines when you have physical strikers in your party. It can buff Attack and Speed, as well as other helpful stats in a pinch. Delibird is also pretty bulky to add to its survivability in longer fights.
Giovanni – MewtwoSpecial Attack StrikeIn mainline pokemon games, Mewtwo has always been known for its excellent Special Attack stat. The same is true for Pokemon Masters. Because of its innate special attack stat, this pair can deal huge damage without needing any buffs.
Karen – Mega HoundoomSpecial Attack StrikerThis pair has one of the highest damage potentials in the game. That’s just one aspect of its brilliance, though. High critical hit rates and a chance to make enemies flinch are extremely useful abilities that make the duo a formidable force.
Blue – Mega PidgeotSpecial Attack StrikerPidgeot has a very high Special Attack ceiling (close to that of Charizard’s) and has sufficient self-buffs to increase its versatility. Pidgeot also has a fast speed stat that makes up for its lack of early damage output.
Sygna Suit Cynthia – Kommo-OSpecial Attack StrikerSimilar to Garchomp, Kommo-O has a late-game offensive arsenal that makes the initial set up worth it. This is a duo that needs good support to make it shine, but you’ll enjoy excellent damage output once you cover that.
Acerola – PalossandTechAside from being Garchomp’s greatest wingman, Palossand has great utility for any team you slot it in. It can buff the team’s Attack and Critical Hit Rate, and keep the team alive with decent healing and weather effects.
Will – XatuTechXatu’s passive ability, which makes it immune to debuffs, is enough to place it so high in this list. It can’t be stated enough how valuable it is to only have to buff this pair at the start of the battle and then enjoy those buffs no matter how long the match takes.
Agatha – Mega GengarTechGengar is to Houndoom what Palossand is to Garchomp. A Gengar-Houndoom team would net you loads of Special Attack potential in any matches you encounter. On its own, this pair boasts excellent offensive stats and useful debuffing potential.
Flannery – TorkoalTechThis pair has good bulk, making it ideal for tanking. It also boasts good buffs that give several bonuses to your party.


Pokemon Masters B Tier List
Pokemon Masters B Tier List
Sync PairTypeExplanation
Sygna Suit Blue – Mega BlastoiseSupportThis is the bulkiest, tankiest duo available in the game. While Blastoise won’t blow you away offensively, its nearly impenetrable defense shines in almost any situation in-game. This pair is not versatile enough to place higher in the list, but it’s solid for its intended role.
Phoebe – DusknoirSupportThis duo used to dominate the tier list for support pairs but has since fallen from that spot. Despite this, Dusknoir boasts good bulk, a bonus to Critical Chance, and an ever-useful refresh on the move gauge at will. This is a decent tank pair with lots of utility as well.
Misty – StarmieSupportStarmie is a versatile support because of good healing with decent buffs. The pair is best utilized as an off-tank or backup of other bulkier tanks.
Drake – SalamenceSupportThis pair boasts great bulk and effective defensive boosts to your party. While lacking in offensive capability, Drake and Salamence are quite useful in long fights.
Wally – Mega GalladePhysical StrikerGallade is outclassed by S-tier physical strikers. It compensates for that by having the ability to debuff opponents, which is rare for physical attackers. Overall, this pairing is a potent offensive choice for any team.
Iris – HaxorusPhysical StrikerIf Haxorus just had decent stats, it would be up there in S-tier. Its move set revolves around self-sufficiency through a variety of self-buffs.
Noland – Mega PinsirPhysical StrikerAs a physical attacker, Pinsir benefits from having one of the best damage outputs in the game. It also has decent speed that can be enhanced when Noland uses his trainer skill. Fury Cutter is also a quick move that stacks damage without consuming too much of the move gauge.
Korrina – Mega LucarioPhysical StrikerThis pair has good damage output with the potential to increase Critical Hit Rate further. If you build around this setup, you can have a heavy-hitting team on your hands.
Sygna Suit Grimsley – SharpedoPhysical StrikerYet another striker built on speed, Sharpedo does its role well. There are only a couple of drawbacks that bar it from entering the higher tiers. It has good speed but only shows its true damage potential a few turns in the match. Heavy Recoil is also a pain because you have to constantly keep healing Sharpedo throughout the fight.
Cyrus – PalkiaSpecial Attack StrikerAnother pair with less desirable stats but make up for it with an awesome move set. Palkia needs support to get going but is a pretty solid contender for your team at any point.
Flint – InfernapeSpecial Attack StrikerThis pair’s Sync Grid does wonders for its effectivity. Infernape has decent Speed and Critical Hit which makes it a solid choice for most battles.
Player – SolgaleoSpecial Attack StrikerThis pair has a very high damage ceiling if you’re willing to commit other slots in your team to support it. It’s relegated to B-tier because of its one-dimensional nature.
Player – PikachuSpecial Attack StrikerUnlike other supports, Pikachu complete lack of bulk means you can’t use it as a tank. This disadvantage is offset by excellent Speed and a unique move set that gives the player access to Potion Master Healer and MP Refresh.
Lance – DragoniteSpecial Attack StrikerDragonite has excellent stats. Dragonite has Hyper Beam. Dragonite can do excessive amounts of damage. The catch? Dragonite can’t buff itself up, unlike other self-sustaining pairs. If you want solid damage with this duo, you better be ready to build a support team around it.
Burgh – LeavannySpecial Attack StrikerThis pair has decent stats to go along with good buffs and debuffs. Leavanny is a great all-around choice if you don’t have a focus for your party yet.
Caitlin – ReuniclusSpecial Attack StrikerWhat makes this pair special is that it can function as decent tank support in a snow/sand team. It is excellent as both a mitigator and a damage sponge.
Brock – OnixTechThis pair’s Sync Grid has made it a viable defense-oriented support duo despite having lackluster stats. Defense buffing without spending MP is an extremely useful skill, and Potion Master is a highly effective toolkit for bulky pairs.
Professor Oak – MewTechMew has incredible utility through its complete set of debuffs. On top of this, it can buff evasion, which is a completely underrated stat for mitigation.
Koga – CrobatTechThis duo was designed to be an offensive nightmare for the opponent. It can inflict poison, which scales over time, even without spending MP. Crobat is perfect for long, drawn-out fights.


Pokemon Masters C Tier List
Pokemon Masters C Tier List
Sync PairType
Rosa – SerperiorSupport
Glacia – Mega GlalieSupport
Hilbert – SamurottSupport
Roxanne – ProbopassSupport
Guzma – GolisopodPhysical Striker
Lyra – JigglypuffPhysical Striker
Hilda – EmboarPhysical Striker
Kris – FeraligatrPhysical Striker
Bruno – MachampPhysical Striker
Elesa – ZebstrikaPhysical Striker
Roxie – ScolipedePhysical Striker
Plumeria – SalazzleSpecial Attack Striker
Ethan – TyphlosionSpecial Attack Striker
Hau – Alolan RaichuSpecial Attack Striker
Pryce – DewgongSpecial Attack Striker
Zinnia – RayquazaSpecial Attack Striker
Silver – Ho-ohSpecial Attack Striker
Shauntal – ChandelureSpecial Attack Striker
Ramos – VictreebelTech
Crasher Wake – FloatzelTech
Winona – PelipperTech
Wallace – MiloticTech
Blaine – RapidashTech
Kukui – LycanrocTech
Sophocles – TogedemaruTech
Erika – VileplumeTech
Viola – MasquerainTech


 Pokemon Masters D Tier List
Pokemon Masters D Tier List
Sync PairType
Jasmine – Mega SteelixSupport
Dawn – TorterraSupport
Leaf – EeveeSupport
Liza – LunatoneSupport
Cheren – StoutlandSupport
Bugsy – Mega BeedrillPhysical Striker
Marshal – ConkeldurPhysical Striker
Tate – SolrockPhysical Striker
Norman – SlakingPhysical Striker
Roark – RampardosPhysical Striker
Morty – DrifblimPhysical Striker
Barry – EmpoleonSpecial Striker
Gardenia – RoseradeSpecial Striker
Grimsley – LiepardTech
Clemont – HelioliskTech
Candice – AbomasnowTech
Thorton – BronzongTech
Calem – MeowsticTech
Clay – SeismitoadTech
Lucy – SeviperTech
Lt. Surge – ElectrodeTech
Nanu – Alolan PersianTech


  Pokemon Masters F Tier List
Pokemon Masters F Tier List
Sync PairType
Marley – ArcanineSupport
Cheryl – BlisseySupport
Maylene – MedichamSupport
Marlon – CarracostaSupport
Wulfric – AvaluggPhysical Striker
Kahili – ToucannonPhysical Striker
Sygna Suit Brock – TyranitarPhysical Striker
Hapu – MudsdalePhysical Striker
Fantina – MismagiusSpecial Attack Striker
Siebold – ClawitzerSpecial Attack Striker
Clair – KingdraSpecial Attack Striker
Valerie – SylveonSpecial Attack Striker
Brycen – CryogonalTech
Mina – GranbullTech
Brawly – HariyamaTech
Grant – AurorusTech
Lorelei – LaprasTech
Janine – AriadosTech
Whitney – MiltankTech
Siebold – OctillerysTech

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